Weight Loss Surgical Procedure

Have you tried all means to lose weight to no avail? From dieting plans to exercising and eating the right foods, for some people it is simply impossible to lose weight by conventional methods. This is especially true in obese people. Weight loss surgery is usually considered as the last resort in trying to lose weight when all else fails. But what does it involve and why would it be an ideal choice?

Also known as bariatric surgery, this invasive procedure involves surgical procedures in which qualified surgeons reduce the size of the stomach. This is achieved y either removal of a portion of the stomach or by the use of a gastric band. Re-secting and re-routing the small intestine into a part of the stomach pouch has also been tried and proven effective. The main aim of all these is to reduce the volume of the stomach and subsequently reduce the amount of food a person can intake. Following the surgery, a person eats less food by the time the feeling of satiety is achieved. This procedure is especially very helpful in helping those with big appetites lose weight.

Why consider weight loss surgery? Being overweight can not only harm an individual in terms of their health but also their social and mental well-being due to stigma and low self-esteem. Through this procedure, weight loss can be achieved easily and quickly. This however is not the sole benefit associated with this procedure. Recovery from diabetes is yet another benefit and so is improvement of cardiovascular health and reduced mortality among those with heart diseases. A happier life is the end result of it all and don’t we all wish to live this happily?

According to authorities, there are restrictions as to whom this procedure can be performed on. To qualify one must have proof of failed medical attempts to lose weight and/or have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40. This BMI is calculated by using the height and weight values of a person and when it is so high is representative of high risk obesity. The risks associated with weight loss surgery in this case are outweighed by the need to relief the individual of the current condition.

Though the results of bariatric surgery are impressive, it is not encouraged for cosmetic purposes but for medical reasons only. This is due to the risks associated with the procedure including clot formation and internal bleeding. Once it has been carried out too, it is not just a hands-off weight loss process but one that will involve uptake of balanced meals in the right proportions and regular exercising in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Blepharoplasty Surgery

While you age, you might notice that you look not only older but more tired. Bags and droopy eyelids can make you look tired and older than you are. Excess skin collects in the eye area due to loss of elasticity and gravity. While it is annoying just to look like you are always half asleep, it can also be problematic. That excess skin over your eyes can droop down making it difficult for you to see. Eyelid surgery, is an uncomplicated procedure that will remove the excess skin giving you a better range of vision and a less tired look.

What can you expect from your Eyelid surgery? Well for starters don’t expect it to get rid of fine lines such as crow’s feet or dark circles. Its sole purpose is to remove the excess skin not smooth out wrinkles. This is important to understand so that you are not disappointed with the results of your surgery. Realistic and attainable goals are key to getting the look that you desire.

When you are getting ready to make your first appointment with your cosmetic surgeon you might want to take time and determine if you are a good candidate for a blepharoplasty. First off are you in good physical health. It is necessary to be in sound physical health prior to having eyelid surgery. When you are not in good physical health, you could suffer some complications or have a difficult time healing from the procedure. It is better if you simply pause until you are healthy enough to have surgery. You might take into consideration your age, although it is not necessary to do so. Most people wait until they are 35 or older to have the eyelid surgery, there are a few exceptions, however, especially those who have genetically droopy eyelids.

Before you have the Eyelid surgery check your medicine cabinet and freezer to ensure you have some staple items. Thing such as ice packs, ice cubes, eye drops, small gauze pads, pain killers, and clean washcloths are items you should have ready for when you come home. Your doctor will give you complete care procedures to ensure that your eyes don’t get infected.

Don’t come to the hospital alone. You will not be able to drive yourself after the procedure. You will need someone to take you home once you’ve been discharged. This person should be willing to stay with you overnight after the procedure to help ensure there are no problems. You also should expect to stay home from work for a few days to allow your eyes to heal some before venturing back to your normal routine.

Eye cosmetic surgery can take years off of your eyes. It can help you to see better and not look or feel so tired. Excess skin will feel heavy on your eyes over time making that tired look a reality. Take time to communicate to your doctor about the exact procedure that you will undergo and have him answer the questions which you may have.

Cosmetic Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is chosen in order to make a person’s abdomen firmer and thinner. This cosmetic surgery entails the removal of excess fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen so that the muscles are tightened in the abdominal wall. In most cases, this surgery is desired by those who have sagging skin after losing a lot of weight or after pregnancy. Men and women who are in good health are the best candidates for this surgery. This surgery is also a good option for those who were once obese but who would like to have excess fat deposits removed from their abdomen.

This abdominal procedure is usually performed in a hospital and those who have the surgery done may need to stay overnight. Following surgery, you will have pain and swelling; however, pain medication is given to help lessen the pain. Numbness, bruising and feeling tired may also be experienced. Keep in mind; as with any surgery there are risks. Even though there are few risks with a tummy tuck, complications may arise such as bleeding under the skin or infection.

It is important to know how to chose the best surgeon for the procedure. One of the most important steps to take is to choose a surgeon who is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This kind of certification will ensure that the surgeon has finished at least five years of surgical training and at least a couple of years of plastic surgery training.

Another step that will help is asking a potential surgeon how many procedures, like the abdominal tuck, he or she has performed. It is also important to ask how often he or she performs this type of surgery. Most importantly, be sure to find out where the procedure will be performed. No matter if the surgery will be performed in a surgical or hospital facility, it is important that the facility is accredited by (JCAHO) or the (AAAHC). Some may not know it but it is also important to ask to see photographs of the results of this surgery that he or she has performed. Even though this may not guarantee that you will get similar results, looking at the pictures will give you a better idea of the surgeon’s talents and abilities.

To conclude, an abdominal tuck can result in a flatter tummy and added self-confidence. However, before choosing your surgeon, follow the above steps until you feel confident about your choice. Also, be sure to ask any questions you have about the procedure; especially about his or her training and education and about how to prepare for the procedure and what to expect once the surgery is done. As with any surgery, it is important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon. Find out more about this surgery and the benefits it offers. This abdominal surgery can be especially helpful for those who were once obese.